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Two Questions to Ask Yourself if You’re Considering Buying a Home

If you want to purchase a house, follow the property market. You acquire your information from the news, social media, real estate agent, friends and family, supermarket chatter, and more. Home prices and mortgage rates are probably rising.

Check the data to cut through the noise and get your needed information. Before making a choice, ask yourself these two questions concerning property pricing and mortgage rates:

1. Where Will Home Prices Go?

The Pulsenomics Home Price Expectation Survey, a nationwide panel of over 100 economists, real estate specialists, and investment and market strategists, may provide such information.

The current release predicts slight deterioration this year (red in the graph). But this context is crucial. Many cities are rising again after the most significant house price drops. HPES's 0.37% depreciation for 2023 is far from the predicted disaster.

Let's look forward. The green graph below indicates prices have turned a corner and are anticipated to rise in 2024 and beyond. After this year, the HPES expects house price appreciation to normalize for many years.

Why does this matter? If you purchase today, your house should appreciate and build equity. According to these projections, the house will cost more if you wait.

2. Where Will Mortgage Rates Go?

Economic instability, inflation, and more have raised mortgage rates during the last year. According to recent data, inflation has slowed. This boosts mortgage rates and the market. Here's why.

Mortgage rates drop as inflation cools. This may explain why some analysts predict mortgage rates will fall to 5.5–6% in the following quarters.

However, analysts cannot predict mortgage rates for next year or month. Because of the various variables. Here are some potential outcomes to consider:

If mortgage rates stay the same and you purchase today, you beat increasing prices.

If mortgage rates decrease as expected, you probably made a wise choice by buying before home prices rose. If rates drop, you can refinance.

If mortgage rates rise after you purchase, you made a good choice since you bought before the house price and mortgage rate increased.

Bottom Line

Know housing prices and mortgage rates before purchasing a home. Expert predictions can educate you, but people need help to predict their path. Let's connect so you have a professional to add an expert opinion on our local market.

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