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Should I Sell My House This Year?

There's no denying that the housing market is changing this season as buyer demand slows and the quantity of available properties increases. However, this change provides you with some distinct advantages when selling. Here are some primary options available if you list your home this fall.

Opportunity #1: You Have More Move Options

One of the most important headlines today is the increasing availability of available houses for sale. Since the beginning of the year, housing inventory has been expanding. Selling your home to relocate implies you'll have more possibilities for your home hunt.

Opportunity #2: The Number of Homes on the Market Is Still Low

Remember that while data suggests that the number of properties for sale has grown this year, the housing supply remains firmly in seller's territory. While you will have more alternatives for your house search, inventory remains low, so your property will remain in demand if you price it correctly.

Opportunity #3: Your Equity Has Grown by Record Amounts

The market's recent growth in property prices has most certainly increased your equity (and hence your net worth). It might be what you need to cover a big percentage (if not all) of your future home's down payment.

If you're considering selling your home this holiday season, DM me so you can get the experienced advice you need to make the best decision immediately.

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