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General Costs to Buyers

Before we get started, please understand that all costs are APPROXIMATE on a general, conventional home sale in and around the Houston, Tx area. No price is set in stone and vary upon property, lender/loan type, etc. This is just an idea of costs to be aware of at closing.

Lender Costs:

  • Loan Origination: 1% of purchase price

  • Appraisal: $300-500 (higher in rural areas)

  • Credit Report: $0-$150

  • Flood Certificate: $45

  • Survey: $500 (higher in rural areas)

  • Attorney Processing Fee: $100-$300

  • Mortgage Recording Fee: $20

  • Other various costs

Title Costs:

  • Escrow Fee: $475/950 (Split between buyer/seller)

  • Courier Fee: up to $100

  • Remaining Taxes for the Year: Varies (County taxes, property, ISD, MUD, etc.)

  • Title Insurance: 1% of purchase price (buyer or seller could pay)

  • Lender Policy: $100-300 (only if using a loan to purchase)

  • Recording Fees: $200

  • HOA Dues for the Remainder of the Year: Varies, check annual HOA dues and divide by 12, add the months for the remainder of the year*

  • HOA Transfer Fee: $200*

  • Other Title Costs: $150-300

Other Costs:

  • Property Insurance (if not escrowed): Varies, check with your insurance person

  • Home Inspection: $350-500*

  • Pest Inspection: $100-250*

  • Pool Inspection: $150-250*

*Numbers do NOT take into account things like lender credits, down payment assistance programs, loan type, seller credits, etc. If buyer is paying cash, the loan portion can be eliminated completely. An average buyer can expect about 2-5% of the purchase price in closing costs without ANY assistance. Asterisk means it is not always a charge or is an optional service. I hope this helps you make a more informed decision when purchasing a home. The rewards can be tenfold! Don't let this scare you! There are so many options for purchasing, we will know more when we get you with a lender. Call us today for our preferred lenders: 281-435-1068

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