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Do More Homes Hit the Market?

Several properties for sale influence today's market. Whether to market your property or not, that's one of your major benefits. Low housing inventory makes your property stand out, especially if priced appropriately.

However, early evidence suggests listing their home). Why this matters and what it may imply for you.

More homes are listed than usual. It's commonly known that spring is the busiest home market season. The first part of the year sees a typical surge in newly listed houses. Sellers anticipate this and prepare for buyer-heavy months. As the school year begins and vacations approach, the market cools. As anticipated.

However, this is unexpected. This year, reports more sellers advertising their homes later than normal. Peaking late in the year is unusual. The graph below shows the regular seasonal pattern and extraordinary August: As

Though just one month old, this data is unique. Whether this tendency will continue is unknown, but you should remain ahead.

Meaning, if you've been delaying selling your home, now may be the time. If this pattern continues, you'll face increasing competition while you wait. If your neighbor sells their house, you may have to compete for purchasers. Selling now lets you beat your neighbors.

Even with more properties for sale, the market is still undersupplied. That inventory shortfall won't disappear quickly. To illustrate your current opportunity, the graph below:

Despite limited inventory, You don't want to wait for additional competitors in your community. You still have a great chance to sell your home today. Connect to discuss the advantages of selling now before other houses hit the market.

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