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My Story to Your Story

I wanted to start my VERY FIRST blog post with my story. How did I come to this new career?

I was in education for almost 11 years. During most of that time I taught history at the high school level. I LOVE history. I love immersing myself in stories and bringing students along with me on the adventure (whether or not they wanted to be dragged along). To me, I was Ms. Frizzle on my Magic School Bus and they were with me on the ride. Unfortunately for me, there is a lot more to education than teaching history to teenagers. I don’t want to talk down on my school or district, but I felt my heart being pulled in a different direction for the last two years. I prayed about it, talked about it, and sought out counseling over it. I did some serious soul searching. I’d wanted to be a teacher since I was in third grade, so why was I being pulled in a different direction? I thought I was going to be one of the rare ones that made it all the way to retirement as a teacher. But I wasn’t. Sometimes God, the universe, whatever your school of thought is, has a different plan. I noticed real estate kept coming back to me. Randomly, I met people who were agents and got close to them; it felt like I was being tapped on the shoulder by something bigger. At that point, just over a year ago, I decided to get licensed. I thought, “let’s see how this looks part-time while I am teaching. Let’s see if this is something I really want to do.”

And here I am, one year later – I have sold houses to friends, family, and clients that quickly became friends. I have learned that real estate, for me, allows me to be a part of other people’s stories. Every person and every home has their own history and I LOVE being a part of it. I am a very passionate person, and in teaching, sometimes I felt unfulfilled, like something was missing. I know that sounds strange, but the disappointments that accompanied the joy of sharing my passions were too much. Now, I can pour my heart and soul into people, get excited about, and be a part of an amazing journey. Again, I LOVE history. I will keep capitalizing on “love” because really it’s the best subject. Sorry all other subjects, but history is the best because now I am not just telling stories, I get to be a part of them.

I want to be a part of your story. Please know that I am here for you as an agent, as a crazy excited person, and as a friend to walk with you along your journey. Whether you are buying or selling, I want to be there for you and with you. And if you are not ready, that’s ok too. Referrals are so important in the business and immensely appreciated. Please feel free to forward this email or just drop my name to people. And when they call me, make sure they tell me that you sent them so I can send you a special something and express my gratitude for the referral. Have an amazing day, week, and month and I hope to hear from you very soon!

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