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Checklist for Winter Home Selling

When you are getting ready to sell your property, you should prioritize tasks that will make it more attractive, demonstrate that it has been cared for, and increase its curb appeal. This list can help you get started, but remember that a real estate professional can give you other valuable recommendations tailored to your particular circumstances.

1. Throw open the drapes or blinds so light can enter the room.

2. Make sure the light bulbs are working correctly and replace them if necessary.

3. Put away any photographs or other personal items.

4. Repair everything that is in disrepair.

5. Provide each room with a distinct function.

6. Make sure your vents and baseboards are clean.

7. Vacuum, mop, or sweep floors

8. Clear away any and all clutter.

9. Clear off the counters, clean the cabinets, and straighten the closets.

10. Retouch any areas of the wall that have scuff marks.

11. Clean outdoor surfaces using a pressure washer.

112. It's time to wash the windows (inside and out)

13. Make sure the landscape is in order.

14. Renew the look of your foyer.

15. Patios, decks, and walks should all be swept.

Send me a direct message if you want ideas on what to do to make your home ready to sell at this time of year.

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