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7 New Smart-Home Products!

We at the Gebora Realty Team love technology! We use it personally AND professionally EVERY DAY. There are ALWAYS new and improved devices coming out providing solutions to problems we didn't even know we had! Here is a SMALL sampling of some of the newest tech to come out of CES 2022:

1. Firewalla- this new smart firewall can enhance the security of home networks. It has the ability to block unwanted site AND provide additional parental controls. Click the picture to check it out!

2. S7 Max V Ultra - this new smart vacuum/mop combo uses sonic technology to scrub floors up 3000 times per minute! It can even detect carpet, has advanced navigation, and can identify rooms across 4 levels! Click the picture to check it out!

3.Samsung Home Hub- this AI- capable a screen too view ALL connected appliances in the HOME. Click the picture to check it out!

4. Conway's Smart Care Air Mattress and Smart Sleep Solution - this mattress can actually detect your position and body pressure and adjust accordingly. It can also connect with air care products to produce the perfect room humidity. Click the picture to check it out!

5. Wagz - If youu're a pet lover, youll love this smart dog collar and wireless fence system which uses GPS tracking via an APP. It has training features, path tracking, and sleep monitoring! Click the picture to check it out!

6. Sengled's Smart Bulbs- These amazing bulbs can biometrically track heart rate, body temperature, and other vital signs. A Bluetooth mesh network will even detect falls AND call for help. Click the picture to check it out!

7. Wallbox Quasar 2 - this is a bidirectional home charger allows the user to charge their electric vehicle AND use the car battery to power their home daily or during a power outage for approximately 3 days! Click the picture to check it out!

These products are really cool, and they are just a small sampling of some the new and amazing technologies coming out every day. We hope you found this interesting, and as usual, please don't hesitate to reach out for any of your real estate needs!

Source: Brandon Doyle,

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